What is Gamerfaith? – Our Mission

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What is Gamerfaith All About?

There are many ways to grow closer to God and live a more purposeful life. We want to help you to find them. Gamerfaith is a community that is committed to learning about God, breaking sinful habits (like porn and masturbation), studying the Bible, growing as a Christian community, helping people in need, and leveling up hearts. Keep reading to learn what I mean by that.

My name is Caleb. I’m a Christian who likes video games. The world reminds me of a video game. There’s always ways to grow and improve your life. Video games often call it leveling up. Gamerfaith is committed to helping people to improve their lives by growing their hearts. The only way I’ve found to strengthen a heart is through a relationship with God. God has helped me overcome pornography, masturbation, addiction, anxiety, insecurity, obesity, depression, and a whole lot of other problems.

He can help you too. I hope Gamerfaith can inspire you to know God more intimately.


What Can I Do On Gamerfaith?

There are many different things to do on Gamerfaith. We have a variety of videos, Bible studies, resources to break lust addictions, blog articles, articles about video game analogies, e-books, and an online chat community. This page will outline a few of the things that might interest you!


YouTube Channel

The Gamerfaith YouTube channel is one of our most popular features. Visit and subscribe at YouTube.com/c/gamerfaith.

These videos contain:

  • Bible Studies
  • Live Q/A’s
  • Christian Topic Videos
  • Videos About Breaking Addiction
  • Vlog Updates
  • Much More!



Gamerfaith has a bunch of articles that are written to encourage you. Many of these videos contain geeky analogies, because I’m a total video game and movie nerd.

Search for an article on the Gamerfaith.com homepage!


Christian Gaming & Let’s Plays

If you like to watch gaming videos, we have videos just for you! Gamerfaith “Let’s Grow” is a family friendly, clean, Christian gaming series on our YouTube channel.

Visit and subscribe to Gamerfaith Let’s Grow here!

You can also find a back stock of gaming videos at our old CaptainDavyPwns channel. I recommend Mario 64 Coopified!


Christian Community

If you want to meet a bunch of other Christians who are also interested in growing their faith, visit our community! Be sure to sign up at our Discord community: https://discordapp.com/invite/mkPZzEU


E-Books and Resources

Sometimes there is a topic that needs to be discussed in great detail. Gamerfaith is working on creating a library of E-Books for these topics. Many of these E-books are free or pay-what-you-want. Visit the Gamerfaith store and take a look! Also, visit our suggested resources tab. Purchasing from this tab helps to support our ministry while getting you great products!


Some of the members of the Gamerfaith community have bravely decided to become patrons. A patron is someone who chooses to donate financially each month. There are tons of exclusive prizes and opportunities that come along with being a patron. Find out more about becoming a patron at Patreon.com/gamerfaith.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Feel free to contact us if you ever need anything. Now get out there and level up your heart!


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