Defeat Electro

Become a Superhero – Day 25 – Defeat Electro

Defeat Electro When electricity hits you it is paralyzing. Addiction can be the same way. It can prevent you from doing good works. In order to stop the paralyzing effects … Continue Reading →

You Are a Superhero

Become a Superhero – Day 23 – You Are a Superhero

Prepare to Face the Sinister Six Are you ready for the plot twist? If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on already being a superhero! The challenge isn’t over yet, … Continue Reading →

Time For an Upgrade

Become a Superhero – Day 16 – Time For an Upgrade

Time For an Upgrade! At my buddy Craig’s wedding all of the groomsmen received superhero T-Shirts (except for Matt who got a Jeep shirt.) I specifically remember that my friend … Continue Reading →

Handling Opposition to Christ

Become a Superhero – Day 13 – Handling Opposition to Christ

Handling Opposition to Christ Spider-Man has it rough. He’s lost a lot of loved ones throughout his adventures as Spider-Man. He also has to sacrifice a lot of time, energy, … Continue Reading →

Helping People in Need

Become a Superhero – Day 7 – Helping People in Need

Helping People in Need Sometimes people are lazy. I know that I personally struggle with this at times. Sometimes it’s easiest to just think of our own needs. The thing … Continue Reading →

The Greatest Commandment

Become a Superhero – Day 6 – A Heroes Mission

Uncle Ben’s famous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” applies well to people who claim to have a relationship with Christ. If we say that we have a relationship … Continue Reading →

Christian Priorities

Become a Superhero – Day 4 – A Heroes Focus

Christian Priorities It’s important for a hero to stay focused on his mission. A hero has to prioritize, and sometimes that can be difficult. In the original Spider-Man 2, Peter … Continue Reading →

30 Day Become a Super Hero Challenge - Origin Story - Superhero devotional

Become a Superhero – Day 1 – Origin Story

Hey everyone! This is Day 1 of the 30 Day Become a Superhero Challenge! I hope you’re all ready to fight the good fight, and hopefully grow in the next … Continue Reading →

Spoiler free Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

Spoiler Free The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

As many regular readers probably know, Gamerfaith’s main goal isn’t to write reviews. Seeing as how we just wrote an article about God’s Not Dead, it seems strange that we … Continue Reading →


How to be a Real Life Superhero

There’s no denying how popular superheroes have become. Nowadays you don’t need to be a comic book collector in order to be familiar with these characters. Every year we seem … Continue Reading →