4 Ways to Become a Stronger Person

4 Difficult Choices That Lead to a More Meaningful Life

  Our strength comes from God, but are there ways that we can be proactive about becoming stronger people? We are responsible for how we use our time and energy. … Continue Reading →

Christians and Shovel Knight

5 Ways Christians Can Relate to Shovel Knight

For those of you that don’t know, Shovel Knight is an epic platformer created by Yacht Club Games. Although the game appears to be from the late 80’s, it was … Continue Reading →

Make a List

Become a Superhero – Day 20 – Make a List

Make a List Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) has some issues. He was trapped on an island for five years, and things haven’t been the same ever since. Upon returning … Continue Reading →

Don't Be Weakened

Become a Superhero – Day 19 – Don’t Be Weakened

Don’t Be Weakened The title of the picture above is Do Not Wash In Hot Water. That is pretty hilarious, but also brings up a great point: Don’t do things … Continue Reading →

holding hands

Compassion- More Than a Word

This is a special guest post from my best buddy (who happens to be my girlfriend too). Sharayaha is a nursing student, and God has shown her many things about … Continue Reading →


5 Common Misconceptions About Christianity

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be a Christian. Being a Christ follower can garner a lot of judgement from non-Christ followers. Don’t be ashamed! Our persecution … Continue Reading →



What temperature is it inside a Tauntaun? ‘Luke’warm! Hyuk hyuk hyuk! Now that I got that bad geeky joke out of the way, I can get to the point. Most Bible … Continue Reading →


Lust: There is Escape. Defeat addiction by learning how to Overcome Lust Biblically!

“T-Rexaur!!! Squall, be careful! Sometimes it’s better to run!” the text box read soon after I encountered the fierce dinosaur monster. You see, in Final Fantasy 8 (and many other RPG’s), … Continue Reading →