We Have All Cheated on the Love of Our Life

Falling in love can be a very beautiful thing. When we find that special someone it feels like there is nothing we could ever do to show them how much … Continue Reading →

Why Do I Need to Know What I Believe

Why Do I Need to Know What I Believe?

Have you ever jumped off of a diving board? If so, you probably expected to fall into the water. Cannonball! Interestingly enough, you still would have fallen into the pool if … Continue Reading →

What is our purpose in life?

Are We Chasing the Wind? What Really Matters in Life? What is Our Purpose?

In this Vlog post we talk about using our energy to chase things that actually matter. Just like Sonic the Hedgehog chases rings in the bonus round of Sonic 2, … Continue Reading →

Olimar Driving

What My Cats Helped Teach Me About Pain and Struggle

The handsome feline above is my cat (don’t tell him he’s not a lion) named Olimar. We also have a female cat from the same litter named Katniss. July has … Continue Reading →

Make a List

Become a Superhero – Day 20 – Make a List

Make a List Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) has some issues. He was trapped on an island for five years, and things haven’t been the same ever since. Upon returning … Continue Reading →

right reason

Become a Superhero – Day 17 – For the Right Reason

Doing Things for the Right Reason Guess what time it is!? No, not Adventure Time. It’s time for us to evaluate our motivations. When we do things, it’s important to … Continue Reading →

Things people don't know about Jesus

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Jesus

Happy Resurrection Day 2014! It seems today that there is no lack of people that have an issue with Christianity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at … Continue Reading →

God's Not Dead the best Christian movie

Is God’s Not Dead the Best Christian Movie Ever?

God’s Not Dead hit theaters in March of 2014, and was met with outstanding success. Many Christians rushed out to see a film, probably hoping to finally see a movie … Continue Reading →

Become a Superhero in 30 Days!

The Biggest Decision In Your Life is Taught In MegaMan

My grandma always taught me that choices are very important. “Are you making good choices?” she would often ask me in my teenage years. In fact, sometimes she still jokes … Continue Reading →


Three Amazing Secrets About the Story of Noah That Will Blow Your Mind!

Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” film is sure to raise a lot of hype. This article isn’t about “Noah” the movie, but I have a few quick notes to mention about the … Continue Reading →