Defeat Electro

Become a Superhero – Day 25 – Defeat Electro

Defeat Electro When electricity hits you it is paralyzing. Addiction can be the same way. It can prevent you from doing good works. In order to stop the paralyzing effects … Continue Reading →


Hobbits, Dragons, and Dwarven Kingdoms

In a previous Gamerfaith article we talked about a few things that we may learn from looking at Gandalf the Grey’s example. You can read that article by clicking here, … Continue Reading →


Lust: There is Escape. Defeat addiction by learning how to Overcome Lust Biblically!

“T-Rexaur!!! Squall, be careful! Sometimes it’s better to run!” the text box read soon after I encountered the fierce dinosaur monster. You see, in Final Fantasy 8 (and many other RPG’s), … Continue Reading →