Become a Superhero – Day 21 – Recharge Again

Recharge Again

Recharge Again

Once again, today will be a shorter day. It has been seven days since our last recharge day. As we prepare for the last week of the Become a Superhero Challenge, I think that it’s important that we spend personal time with God (in our own way) to recharge.

I encourage you to make it a habit to take at least one day of rest each week. Rest in God’s presence and enjoy spending time with Him. When it comes to spending time with God, we shouldn’t give Him the minimum. We shouldn’t try to just squeeze in “God time” among many other priorities. God’s desires should be our desires, and we should persistently strive for a relationship with Him.

Day 21 Challenge

  • Spend time with God today. Read your Bible alone or with family. Consider doing a Bible study.
  • Consider asking God to make His desires a priority to you!
  • Try to find a way to make a habit of spending time resting from the work in your life, and using that time to focus on God.

Love you guys! Praying for you!




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