is porn bad

Why is Porn and Masturbation Bad or Wrong? Why Should I Quit?

Follow this link if the video doesn’t show up in a mobile browser. If you would like to install protection against pornographic material, you can get a discount on an … Continue Reading →


How To Stop Looking at Porn and Quit Masturbating – Quitting a Lust Addiction

How to stop looking at porn and quit masturbating. If you have a lust addiction find out how to quit. God can break the chains of your sin and addiction. … Continue Reading →

Hobbit Trilogy

5 Amazing Lessons We Can Learn From the Hobbit Trilogy

Hey guys and gals! My brother in Christ Craig wrote this awesome article about the Hobbit Trilogy a while back. I thought you guys would love it, so here it … Continue Reading →


We Have All Cheated on the Love of Our Life

Falling in love can be a very beautiful thing. When we find that special someone it feels like there is nothing we could ever do to show them how much … Continue Reading →

Should I Give Money to Homeless People Who Beg and Ask on the Street? - If Poor Beggars Ask for Money

Should I Give Money to Homeless People Who Beg and Ask on the Street? – If Poor Beggars Ask for Money

Should I Give Money To Poor and Homeless People Who Beg on the Street?   Have you ever wondered if you should give money to people who beg on the … Continue Reading →

Triforce in real life

How to Find the Triforce in Real Life

  Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite game series. I don’t love everything about it, especially the garbage involving “goddesses” and dark magic. I won’t deny … Continue Reading →

Pikmin 2 Ad

A Pikmin’s Heart – Thanks For Being So Helpful

Hello Gamerfaith friends! Today’s article is going to be talking about humility, teamwork, and servitude. Naturally, one of my favorite video game series popped into my head when thinking about … Continue Reading →

How to have a better life

3 Steps to a Massively Better Life – How to Have a Better Life This Year

Happy New Year, friends! (Unless you are reading this after New Year’s Day) God is always showing me new things in life. Often times I think I have a grip … Continue Reading →

Thorin Oakenshield

If More of Us Valued Home Above Gold, it Would be a Merrier World

This post will be free of major spoilers.  It will, however, reveal several elements from the plot of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. If you are planning … Continue Reading →


Being Thankful For Our Blessings All Year Long

What’s up Hobbitses? I hope that you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! My good friend Craig Cooper was kind enough to write another article about some of the things that … Continue Reading →