Vlog – Ninja Turtles, John Piper, and Orange Crush

What do Ninja Turtles, John Piper, and Orange Crush have in common? This Gamerfaith Vlog post of course! Be sure to check out Desiring God’s newest epic resource preview called Look at the Book! Follow the link for a short preview that talks about 2 Timothy 3:14-17. We also talk about the 2014 Ninja Turtles movie that is coming out, and the Pizza Hut and Crush promotions that surround it. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice as well.

Love you guys! I’m praying for you!


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Ninja Turtles, Batman, John Piper, Look at the Book, Orange Crush, and Pizza Hut



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  • Craig says:

    That was hilarious, great vlog Caleb. Your cat at the end could not have been more perfect lol.

    I too am pumped for Ninja Turtules, on that note of special pizza’s they also have a certain slice you can ask for. If you ask for a katana cut pizza they will cut your pizza into four huge pieces rather than into the smaller individual slices, this is awesome especially if you are having a gaming night with a buddy and don’t mind destroying entire pizza’s by your lonesome lol. Anyways, great vlog thanks for doing it!


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