Merry Christmas Gamerfaith Warriors


 Merry Christmas the Right Way!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season as much as I am! This is an exciting time of celebration for many people, especially for Christ followers that understand what the joy of the season is all about.

First and foremost I encourage you to spend some time thinking about Jesus this Christmas. Not only the nativity scene, but also who Jesus was, and what He did. Dig into the gospels this season, and look at the kind of person that He is.

I also encourage you to celebrate the family, friends, and loved ones that you are blessed with.

Don’t forget the meaning of giving this season. Give from your heart. Extend a helping hand. Don’t give  to look good. Give out of love. Give to those in need.

Enjoy this time of loving others! Look to Jesus for the perfect example of love, not only over Christmas but always!

A Special Announcement

Guess what!? January is just around the corner, and January is a special month for Gamerfaith. Why? Because January 24th, 2014 is Gamerfaith’s one year birthday! Break out the party favors and confetti!

Stay tuned for news about our celebration! We love you guys, and we’re working to try and figure out something special for you!

So Merry Christmas! Now go enjoy Jesus!

Love you guys and praying for you!

-The Gamerfaith Family


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