How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Focus

How to Change Your Life

What do Ninja Turtles, Yoda, and you have in common? They can all live a better life if they learn to direct their focus towards things that actually matter. This website is called Gamerfaith; and as you probably know, we like video games and movies around here. The thing is, video games and movies can become incredibly harmful if we invest too much focus into them. If you aren’t a gamer or movie buff, don’t worry; there are many different kinds of distractions in this world…

It’s very easy to over-indulge on:

  • The food we like
  • The way we look
  • The shows we love
  • The movies that interest us
  • The video games we play

In my humble geeky opinion, video games and movies don’t have to be a bad thing. In our culture, however, it is very easy to let our time spent on hobbies get out of control. I have to watch myself in this area. When I get really into a TV show, it is my natural instinct to binge watch it all day long on Netflix. It’s important that I fight this temptation, because no matter which way I slice it, watching four hours of Doctor Who a day isn’t the most productive way to spend my time.

As a wise asparagus once said:

You can’t be the super hero God wants you to be if you continue this over-indulgence! -Alfred (Larry Boy and the Bad Apple)

Have you been wondering why:

  • You have no joy
  • You feel depressed
  • You have no energy
  • You’re feeling cranky
  • Your relationship with God seems to be suffering

It might be time to start redirecting your focus. There seems to be a strange invisible line that connects joy to priorities. When we put those priorities out of line, our joy falls out of line as a consequence.

Sure…Watching TV helps you to temporarily forget about homework. Eating ice-cream can distract you from relationship problems. Playing video games can make you feel like you’re accomplishing something during the times when your real life feels like it’s hit a dead-end.

I’ve probably done all of the things on the list above about a gazillion times. The interesting thing is, it has never fixed my heart. It didn’t make me feel better in the long run. In fact, it typically made me feel like Gollum inside.

I’d snap at my loved ones for no reason. I’d stress out about things that didn’t matter. I’d skip my Spider-Man workout. I’d take nasty little Hobbitses to Shelob’s cave. It was no good at all, but what could I do about it?

How to Change Your Life

In Matthew 26 we read about Jesus praying in the garden. We also read about a comment that Jesus makes when he finds the disciples sleeping.

Matthew 26:40,41 (ESV)

40 And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me one hour? 41 Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Read all of Matthew 26 (ESV) here!

I absolutely agree with this, and the flesh truly is weak. Yet, so often, we let it rule our lives.

It’s time to be strong and persistent. Change your focus, and your life will change.

To change your life for the better, make a conscious decision (everyday) to focus on what really matters.


  • Doing homework is more important than playing video games.
  • Spending time with people is more important than watching the ball game.
  • Working out is more important than eating cookies.
  • Helping starving children is more important than buying the newest movie.

Keeping those priorities straight is a good way to improve your life, but they aren’t enough by themselves. They aren’t the most important focus…

The ultimate priority should be your relationship with God. If you aren’t investing any time into it, your life isn’t going to be where it should be. How can we invest time into our relationship with God? Ultimately, I believe a relationship isn’t based on “the the things we do” but instead on “the way we feel.” With that being said, however, “the way we feel” will affect “the things we do.” The way that we spend our time can reflect the things that we are focused on. When we focus on a relationship with God, I believe it can begin to improve our relationship with Him. So… a practical first step may be to remove our focus from the junk that doesn’t matter, and place that focus on our amazing God.

If that sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, just read it a few more times until it makes sense.

If I put more energy into playing video games than I do into my relationship with my girlfriend… We probably aren’t going to be the happiest couple on the block. Think about what actually matters, and then focus on it!

Can all be good ways to shift our focus towards what really matters. If you don’t put time and energy into a relationship, it probably isn’t going to be very strong.

So is it wrong to play video games? I’ll let another cartoon vegetable share his opinion on this:

There’s nothing wrong with playing video games, but you’ve let this video game play you! -Larry Boy

Don’t let your hobbies play you! Focus on what matters, and be persistent in pursuing it.

I promise it will be worth it.

Love you guys! Praying for you!



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How to change your life


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  • Craig says:

    Awesome post man, really needed to read this today. I agree with it whole heartedly, we try so hard to fill this hole in our soul with material things that we forget the it was seeking after material things that removed Adam and Eve from the garden in the first place. We need to seek after God so that he will come near to us and make us whole again. Great post man!

    • Caleb Nisley says:

      Thanks bro! I’m glad that you liked it 🙂 God is always working on my heart, and helping me to discover new things. I’ve been trying to write about the more personal things that God puts on my heart. I’m definitely not some wise dude, I just try to let God teach me through my struggles. This article exists, at least partially, because it is something that I often struggle with myself. It takes constant reminders. If things aren’t in order, it’s ridiculous how quickly my well-being declines. I’m glad that it helped you too! I encourage you to read Romans 12 today man! I did, and it was well needed! Love you brother! We need to get together and fellowship soon!

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