Happy Birthday Gamerfaith! A Look Back at Our First Year

Happy Birthday

In January of 2013 it was heavy on my heart to use the gifts that God has given me in a unique way. I thought… “I have lots of Christian friends who love God, and who also love video games.”

As I grow in my relationship with God, I find myself looking back. What I see in my past, is an unhappy and confused teenage version of myself. A troubled kid who didn’t know how to live with purpose, love others, or love God to the level that he should have. I knew God, but I didn’t spend much time seeking a better relationship with Him. I didn’t understand how cool the Bible was, because I didn’t spend much time actually reading it. I didn’t understand many of the concepts of the Bible, because I never REALLY tried to. I wasn’t growing in my understanding of Jesus, because I wasn’t paying enough attention to who He is and what He teaches. I was too busy drowning out my troubles with the mindless escapism that I found in video games.

During this difficult time I still prayed, and God heard my prayers. As the years have passed, I’ve grown to appreciate and adore Him all the more. His ways bring me life, His words bring me wisdom, and His love gives me purpose. This is a reality that is far more satisfying and precious than video games.

So how would I grab the attention of a teenage me? I would speak in a language that he understood.

January 24th, 2013: Gamerfaith is Born!

I’m still a big fan of games and movies. My close friends know me as a geeky guy, who really gets into the things he enjoys. The difference now is that I have things in a better perspective. On the 24th of January, 2013, I decided to take an uncomfortable leap towards very unfamiliar grounds.

I began writing my first post for a blog that I had named Gamerfaith. I was a huge fan of many games and movies, and I decided to write the post from my point of interest. There is something scary and uncomfortable about blogging when you start. You worry about whether or not people will like what you have to say. You worry about what the people you know will think about you. I’ve been told that my name (Caleb) means “brave” and “faithful” though, so I decided to stand up to the giant. I set my discomfort to the side, and wrote my first three posts.

Unfortunately, I never really went much further than that. Not yet at least. The blog sat there and gathered dust. I was kind of embarrassed by my own writing, and discouraged by the lack of interaction that the blog was receiving. I began focusing my time and energy on one of my other hobbies, computer animation.

A lingering voice in my head was telling me that I was devoting too much of my time and energy towards animating. I stubbornly continued my hobby though, disregarding the warning. I began making good progress on a new animated short when disaster (or so it seemed) struck.

I accidentally destroyed my fairly expensive tablet pen. Well, first I just sort of broke it a little… and then I tried to fix it, which ended up totally obliterating the thing.

I remember staring at the busted in half remains of the pen in my hands. What had I done? I quickly stood up, ran to the closet, and shoved the pen behind a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t bare to look at it any longer.

If I remember correctly, I was thoroughly disappointed because I had planned to spend my day off by working on my animation project. I quickly discovered that it was useless to even try without my pen.

I had a day left and no way to animate anything, so I decided to dust off one of my older projects…

April 9th, 2013: Gamerfaith Takes It’s First Steps

One day as I went on a long and peaceful walk outdoors (I encourage making this a habit), I felt something important. Up to this point in my life, I had been learning a lot. I had taken small steps. I had walked through hard times, but they had shaped me.

I felt like Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I started off as nothing. I had no understanding of what my life was about. Like my life up to that point was just a small introduction that prepared me for what was to come, similar to the first few levels in A Link to the Past. I had grown spiritually, but now as I walked, I felt a voice telling me that it was time for me to draw my “master sword” from the stone and begin the next stage of my quest. It was time to truly dig into the Bible, and strive to know God better.

If January is when Gamerfaith became a newborn, then April is when it grew into a toddler. I spent my newly acquired time off from animating by doing some research on blogging. I moved Gamerfaith over to WordPress, and to my delight, it started to grow! I began persistently applying my self to God’s work, and in return I began to consistently grow.

WordPress is where Gamerfaith gained it’s first “followers” and began to grow. The longer I blogged, the more I realized that it was not only effective as a way to reach out in a creative way, but it was also super effective in helping me to grow in my own understanding of God.

Gamerfaith isn’t a gaming website that puts a “Christian spin” on things. Gamerfaith is a place where we can be encouraged to love God, love others, and strive to live fuller lives in Him. It just so happens that it is written in a language that will catch the attention of gamers like myself.

Gamerfaith is not undermining the importance of God. It is important to realize that the games and movies we watch are often based off of fiction. The things we see in these works are flawed and unrealistic. God has no flaws, He is our perfect creator, He is real, and our Lord is relevant. His ways are the best ways.

Gamerfaith’s goal is to use media to sharpen believers, tell people about God’s greatness, and apply good aspects of the games and movies we enjoy towards our lives.

May 7th, 2013: Gamerfaith Joins Social Networking

In May, Gamerfaith joined the social networking scene by starting it’s official Facebook page! Facebook has served as a useful tool for significantly increasing the amount of people that the ministry reaches.

Soon after connecting to Facebook, Gamerfaith started it’s official Twitter account!

Social networking has been a fantastic way of keeping followers in the loop about new Gamerfaith posts, as well as sharing other interesting stuff that reaches out to our community. I’ve met some truly interesting and amazing people through this Gamerfaith journey so far, and I hope for the opportunity to meet many more in the future!

If you haven’t done so already, consider helping this ministry by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter! It’s an easy way to help you keep in touch with the Gamerfaith community, in addition to helping it reach out!

October 24th-30th, 2013: Gamerfaith Levels Up!

In October Gamerfaith received a huge makeover when it became a self hosted website. In addition to the new look, Gamerfaith started it’s own Youtube Channel!

While most of the real “meat” of Gamerfaith is still in it’s blog posts, the Gamerfaith Vlog offers a fun glimpse into our lives.

I look forward to seeing what God does with the Gamerfaith Vlog in the upcoming year!

Gamerfaith Today

I can’t begin to express how grateful we are for all that God has done with Gamerfaith…

We look forward to seeing where we are in another year!

Please continue to help us by praying for the ministry, for every individual involved, and for every person that visits Gamerfaith!

We love you, Gamerfaith warriors! We’ll be praying for you!

-Caleb and the Gamerfaith crew

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