It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

No but seriously, read this before going to the devotions 🙂

The Gamerfaith devotional section is about learning new things, glorifying our Lord, and meditating on God’s word. Many of the devotionals are themed off of movies, games, or books. It’s important to let it be known that many books, games, and movies are based off of fiction. God’s word is based off of fact. By using “themed” devotionals we are in no way undermining God’s significance. The different “themed” devotionals are merely a different fun way to think about the many truths that God has already established.

Always measure everything written here. Meaning: I’m just another person like you. I may slip up and say something wrong sometimes. Feel free to sharpen me by sharing your opinions. Follow what God says not me.


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Photo Source: Bible

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