Become a Superhero – Day 26 – Defeat Mysterio

Defeat Mysterio

Defeat Mysterio

Mysterio is a master of illusion. He confuses his enemies so that he can trick them into bad situations.

Often times Christians have a lack of understanding about things. This can cause them to be easily swayed and tricked by enemies. How do you defeat this enemy?  Read your Bible and spend time in prayer.  Just as with any subject matter you cannot learn more about it unless you take the time to learn the information.

Once again, spend some time today reading your Bible. This challenge doesn’t feature specific verses to read, but I encourage you to spend time reading your Bible anyways.

Day 26 Challenges

  • Pray about things that are confusing to you. Spend time with God.
  • Have a “doubt?” Maybe there is something that just does not make sense to you when it comes to Christianity.  Take the time to research it!  The Word of God is true and infallible.  A lot of times we think about it in a way that is not in context of the entire Bible or salvation plan.  If we take the time to understand it completely, our faith grows!  Do not let that little doubt turn into something that hinders your faith and allows the devil to give you more doubt.  Defeat it with knowledge!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Love you guys! I’ll praying for you!



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