Keep Going

Become A Superhero – Day 30 – Keep Going!

Keep Going! Congratulations Superheroes! If you made it all the way here you’ve likely gained super powers, embraced your destiny, and defeated the Sinister Six. If you still have some … Continue Reading →

Defeat Green Goblin

Become a Superhero – Day 29 – Defeat Green Goblin

Defeat Green Goblin The last member of the Sinister Six should traditionally be Doctor Octopus, but we’re going to use Green Goblin instead. In my opinion, Green Goblin is one … Continue Reading →

Defeat Sandman

Become a Superhero – Day 28 – Defeat Sandman

Defeat Sandman Sandman is a jumbled up mess of sand. He can rearrange that sand in order to shape shift. Sandman represents jumbled up priorities in this challenge. If our … Continue Reading →

Defeat Kraven

Become a Superhero – Day 27 – Defeat Kraven

Defeat Kraven Kraven is the highly skilled hunting member of the Sinister Six. Kraven is a dangerous foe, and if Spidey wasn’t so persistent, he might fall behind. Persistence is … Continue Reading →

Defeat Mysterio

Become a Superhero – Day 26 – Defeat Mysterio

Defeat Mysterio Mysterio is a master of illusion. He confuses his enemies so that he can trick them into bad situations. Often times Christians have a lack of understanding about … Continue Reading →

Defeat Electro

Become a Superhero – Day 25 – Defeat Electro

Defeat Electro When electricity hits you it is paralyzing. Addiction can be the same way. It can prevent you from doing good works. In order to stop the paralyzing effects … Continue Reading →

Defeat Vulture

Become a Superhero – Day 24 – Defeat Vulture

Overcome Fear Vulture is one creepy dude. But superheroes can’t let that hold them back! If you’re like me, the idea of “rejection” or “seeming weird” is pretty scary. If … Continue Reading →

You Are a Superhero

Become a Superhero – Day 23 – You Are a Superhero

Prepare to Face the Sinister Six Are you ready for the plot twist? If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on already being a superhero! The challenge isn’t over yet, … Continue Reading →

Use Technology Like Iron Man

Become a Superhero – Day 22 – Use Technology Like Iron Man

Use Technology Like Iron Man Tony Stark doesn’t have any sweet super powers, but he is insanely savvy with technology. If it wasn’t for his technology, he’d be a pretty … Continue Reading →

Recharge Again

Become a Superhero – Day 21 – Recharge Again

Recharge Again Once again, today will be a shorter day. It has been seven days since our last recharge day. As we prepare for the last week of the Become … Continue Reading →