5 Real Life Splatoon Strategies

Splatoon is basically the best.  As I have spent WAY too much time playing it, I came up with some pro strats to be reminded of! Remember Your Weapons Strengths Remember … Continue Reading →

Hobbit Trilogy

5 Amazing Lessons We Can Learn From the Hobbit Trilogy

Hey guys and gals! My brother in Christ Craig wrote this awesome article about the Hobbit Trilogy a while back. I thought you guys would love it, so here it … Continue Reading →

How to have a better life

3 Steps to a Massively Better Life – How to Have a Better Life This Year

Happy New Year, friends! (Unless you are reading this after New Year’s Day) God is always showing me new things in life. Often times I think I have a grip … Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Become a Stronger Person

4 Difficult Choices That Lead to a More Meaningful Life

  Our strength comes from God, but are there ways that we can be proactive about becoming stronger people? We are responsible for how we use our time and energy. … Continue Reading →

How to Stop Lusting

How To Stop Lusting – 3 Steps to Quit Your Porn Addiction

In a previous Gamerfaith article we talked elaborately about escaping lust. This is an extremely important topic to me, because it negatively effects so many people. For years I struggled … Continue Reading →

Christians and Shovel Knight

5 Ways Christians Can Relate to Shovel Knight

For those of you that don’t know, Shovel Knight is an epic platformer created by Yacht Club Games. Although the game appears to be from the late 80’s, it was … Continue Reading →

Things people don't know about Jesus

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Jesus

Happy Resurrection Day 2014! It seems today that there is no lack of people that have an issue with Christianity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at … Continue Reading →


Get Rich the Jesus Way in Three Simple Steps!

“Does God want me rich?” Good question! The argument seems to sway both ways on this one. Some think that children of the King aught to live like royalty. Others … Continue Reading →


5 Ways Christians Can Relate to Super Mario

Mama Mia! Several months back we wrote an article about 5 ways that Christians can relate to Sonic the Hedgehog. To my surprise, that article ended up being one of … Continue Reading →

Anakin and Darth/ How do the old and new testament relate

Prequels are Cool: How Do the Old and New Testament Relate? Here Are Five Reasons To Read The Old Testament.

I’ve come to discover something very important about myself over the years… I love prequels. There is something incredibly exciting about origin stories. It’s not because I like to see … Continue Reading →