We Have All Cheated on the Love of Our Life

Falling in love can be a very beautiful thing. When we find that special someone it feels like there is nothing we could ever do to show them how much … Continue Reading →


Being Thankful For Our Blessings All Year Long

What’s up Hobbitses? I hope that you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! My good friend Craig Cooper was kind enough to write another article about some of the things that … Continue Reading →

Olimar Driving

What My Cats Helped Teach Me About Pain and Struggle

The handsome feline above is my cat (don’t tell him he’s not a lion) named Olimar. We also have a female cat from the same litter named Katniss. July has … Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas Gamerfaith Warriors

   Merry Christmas the Right Way! Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season as much as I am! This is an exciting time of celebration for many … Continue Reading →


Organic Rice Shows Us the Power of Words

Make what you will of this post, as it is certainly a little on the strange side. A little over a week ago we posted about being slow to speak. … Continue Reading →


How to be a Real Life Superhero

There’s no denying how popular superheroes have become. Nowadays you don’t need to be a comic book collector in order to be familiar with these characters. Every year we seem … Continue Reading →


The Heart Issue

The Kingdom Hearts series has grown extremely popular over the years. KH seemed strange when it was first announced. Square Enix (The company behind Final Fantasy) was teaming up with … Continue Reading →


5 Ways Christians Can Relate to Sonic The Hedgehog

When you hear the name Sonic the Hedgehog, you probably aren’t scratching your head and asking “What’s that?” That’s because Sonic has been one of the most popular icons in gaming … Continue Reading →


Lust: There is Escape. Defeat addiction by learning how to Overcome Lust Biblically!

“T-Rexaur!!! Squall, be careful! Sometimes it’s better to run!” the text box read soon after I encountered the fierce dinosaur monster. You see, in Final Fantasy 8 (and many other RPG’s), … Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Charm [is] deceitful and beauty [is] passing, But a woman [who] fears the LORD, she shall be praised. -Proverbs 31:30 (NKJV)