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Hobbit Survival

Being an epic hero in a video game is pretty cool, but being an epic hero in real life is even better. Are you a gamer, nerd, geek, movie buff, or hero that wants to move forward in the journey of life? No matter who you are, we are glad to have you here. In this community we believe in working together to level up our hearts and make a difference in the world. We also have fun by reading gaming/movie themed articles that apply to real life situations.

At Gamerfaith we believe in leveling up our hearts by digging in to our calling as Christians. Our mission is to love God and love others.

Are you ready to accept the most important quest in your life?

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Who Runs Gamerfaith?

First and foremost, God is at the top! Without God, this blog wouldn’t exist, nor would it have any reason to exist. We strive to operate this blog in the way that God wants. With that being said, we are people, and what we say may be flawed at times. We always encourage readers to seek answers from God and the Bible in context. Always measure what we say! Meaning, if you are confused about something you read on here, pray about it! Seek it out in the Bible! And if you want, feel free to contact us with questions. God’s word comes first!

About the Author:

Hi everybody, my name is Caleb! I’m the main blog author on Gamerfaith.

I love God! Some of my hobbies are writing, gaming, blogging, vlogging, watching movies, and reading my Bible.

I’ve come a long way in my life, and it’s all thanks to God. I used to be obese, cripplingly insecure, and depressed. As a teenager I walked down a road of rebellion, and I found myself struggling with many different forms of sinful behavior. The most significant of these sins was an extensive addiction to pornography. I eventually dropped out of school, and my life seemed to have no meaning. At my lowest points I cried out to God for help, and over the years I’ve seen the effect. An indescribable change has taken place.

God shattered my old addictions and gave me purpose. I’m nowhere near perfect (which is why I need the grace provided by Jesus Christ) but everyday God continues to build me up in new ways. It’s a great feeling.

God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends. I am blessed to be married to a wonderful woman, and without her support I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. I also have two tremendous brothers who mean the world to me. My little brother Sam is featured in many of the videos for this channel, and this community wouldn’t be the same without him. I also want to give a quick shout out to friends like Craig and Andrew who help to support my faith journey, and have contributed immensely to the development of Gamerfaith from behind the scenes.

I am currently going to school for Elementary Education with minors in Language Arts, Integrated Sciences, and Early Childhood. Over the years I have worked as a tutor and Bible lesson plan writer/teacher for children/youth at a downtown Christian homeless shelter. I also tutored several college courses with academic support at the local community college for several years. I am very thankful for all of the jobs and opportunities that God has blessed me with. My blessings come 100% from God. He has taken all of my terrible situations and flipped them around. All glory to the King.

I’ve met some amazing people through the Gamerfaith community. Maybe you’ll be the next great person I meet!

Please feel free to message me anytime!

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  • Titi says:

    Wow… I’m impressed. Lately I’ve been reviewing the games and shows I’ve been watching (literally… I stopped gaming and watching TV for pretty much all the shows I followed and stuff) and I’m more conscious of all those bad shows out there.
    The first article I saw was the one on the 5 things we could relate to Sonic? Wow that was cool. I am concerned though about you mentioning Sonic Unleashed. Not all Sonic games are good, like Sonic ’06 and Sonic Unleashed at least.
    I subscribed by email. Keep following God!

    • Caleb Nisley says:

      Awesome! Thanks a million times over for the encouragement! Congrats on your decision to filter all those junky shows and games out of your life. It’s tough these days… There is so much stuff out there that points away from Christ. Our culture is very often focused on selfishness (how far can I get myself farther in this life). Jesus, on the other hand, taught against that behavior. We’re in trouble when we put our own concerns in front of God or others. Unfortunately, that’s usually exactly what the media tells us to do.

      Super glad you liked the Sonic article! I was just wondering, can you explain what you meant about Sonic Unleashed a little bit further? To be honest, it’s been a LONG time since I played that game. When you say it “isn’t good” are you referring to something evil that is in it? Or did you just mean that it wasn’t a very well made game? I remember Sonic ’06 and Shadow the Hedgehog having some major questionable material, but am having trouble remembering the content of Unleashed. I appreciate your criticism as well as your encouragement! After all:

      Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)
      17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

      Glad to have you on-board, brother! Hope you have an awesome day, and experience God’s love everyday!


      • Titi says:


        Sonic Unleashed: I was basically referring to Sonic being turned into a Werehog (Werewolf) in the game.

        Sonic ’06: It took me a while to remember why I had a problem with this game. In this game, one of the major antagonists is Iblis. Iblis is another name for Satan.

        PS: You might have just been calling me brother cause of brothers in Christ and stuff. Just to let you know, I’m not a guy… 😉

        • Caleb Nisley says:

          OH NO! Haha I’m really sorry about that, SISTER. Good to know 🙂 Okay, that makes sense about the werehog now! Totally agree about Sonic ’06 too, its a horrible game in more than one way unfortunately :\

          I sincerely appreciate all the feedback 🙂 Its a huge blessing. Have a great day!


  • Jon Mac says:

    This is the beest website. It’s amazing. I will share this with my friends 🙂
    Keep going on this things guys. We need more people like you.

    • Caleb Nisley says:

      Thanks Jon Mac! That means a ton! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find this website? What are your favorite types of things on the website? I’m asking so that I have an idea of how to move forward with it in the future 🙂 Feel free to message us anytime! -Caleb

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