Lessons Learned From N64

This past week my girlfriend’s little brother was in town. Many times in the past him and I have joked around about all the great one-liners that come from games … Continue Reading →


10 Things Christians May Believe, but Aren’t Necessarily in the Bible

Over the years the culture has changed. This is good for some reasons, and bad for others. One common problem that I see in the culture these days is the lack … Continue Reading →


Skillet ‘Rise’ Album Review

Platinum rock band Skillet has returned to action for their eighth studio album release “Rise”. How does this album stack up against the highly popular predecessor “Awake”? “Rise” certainly packs … Continue Reading →


Limit Breaker Persistence!

In the thick of battle sometimes the enemy may seem too strong. We live in a world that seems to try to take the light out of everything, and replace … Continue Reading →


Are You Living Dead?

A couple quick notes before I begin: I’m not endorsing or promoting the idea of horror films/games in this article. Extreme caution and Christian discernment needs to be practiced when … Continue Reading →

The Harm of Greed

Imagine an enemy that took over your life. It changed the directions that you moved. It changed the choices you made. The value you saw in other people would diminish. … Continue Reading →

13 Sinful Status Ailments We Often Ignore

Many of you already know that Christianity is Like an RPG in several ways. Any fan of Final Fantasy, or almost any popular RPG for that matter, is probably all … Continue Reading →

Is Our World a Digital Simulation?

There are many tales of travel into “digital” worlds like Tron, The Matrix, Thirteenth Floor, and Sword Art Online. These stories tell of different groups of people existing in worlds … Continue Reading →

Rise of the Antiheroes

In this day and age, traditional heroes (and geeky role models) seem to be tough to find. There seems to be an extreme emphasis on non-typical heroes. What happened to truth, … Continue Reading →

Futuristic Faith: SciFi That Strengthens Our Relationship With God

Have you ever dreamed of blasting through space at warp speed, exploring uncharted planets, and using awesome futuristic technology? I know I have! After searching the blog for a little … Continue Reading →