Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! Review

Adventure Time

What Time is it? Adventure Time! 

The question for Adventure Time fans is: What exactly is this game, and is it worth purchasing?

The question for gamer’s is: It looks exactly like Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, but can a game based off of a TV show really be that good?

The Christian question is: Does Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! conflict with our Christian beliefs?

Read on to find out what I think!

Adventure tardis

The GamerfaithAdventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!!”  Review will be split into two separate categories.

  1. Content Review
  2. Game Review

It only seems fair that a game is scored based off of how good it actually is. With that being said… there are different types of good.

The Game Review section will rank things like: amount of fun,  visuals, mechanics, storyline, audio, and replay value. The better the game, the higher the score.

The Content Review measures things like: violence, sex, conflicting spirituality, and language. The lesser the inappropriate content is, the higher the score will be rated.

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Warrior Finn

Questionable Content Review


Fans of the TV show should have a good idea for what to expect. The tone of the game (and show) are usually very bright and surreal. Occasionally it dips into darker places. Vampires, demons, ogres, and a million other types of creatures roam the land of Ooo. Finn and Jake have a “lets go find some monsters to punch” mentality throughout the game. The violence usually isn’t excessive or gory (although there is one type of enemy that has it’s organs burst out of it’s body when you defeat it), but parents that have younger children who are interested in playing the game need to beware of Finn and Jake’s “lets smash stuff” problem solving mentality.


Adventure Time isn’t a “Wren and Stimpy” type of cartoon, but there is still some slight innuendo that you will encounter throughout the game. The evil Ice King steals a pair of pantyhose from a princess. Every savepoint in the game  features two creatures known as “water nymphs” that are dressed a bit provocatively. A few lumpy cloud creatures show their butts while dancing.

Apart from those things, only one thing particularly caught my attention. Later in the game slight spoiler: Lumpy Space Princess (a large floating cotton candy looking blob with a prissy girl attitude) makes a strange and horrible comment about “rubbing clay all over her sweaty body to try and seduce her crafts teacher” …Why?


Phrases along the lines of “weirdo”, “jerk”, and “punch that bad guy” are extremely common throughout the whole game.

The worst phrase in the game in my opinion is “oh my glob!” which is repeated several times throughout it. I’m glad that they didn’t directly use the other phrase, but it is an obvious nod to the all too common vain use of our Lord’s name.

False Spirituality:

False Spirituality is the category that is probably the most important to be cautious of, and sadly is probably the most commonly ignored.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! is far from being void of flaw in this department. The game features a vampire, nymphs, wandering spirits, zombies, and even demons. Some of the items you acquire throughout the game are along the lines of “demon relics”. While all of this is bad, it gets worse.

The beginning of the game features “Cosmic Owl” a mysterious bird who appears to Finn in a dream. The nature of the bird implies that he has some sort of “higher power” which bothers me.

Towards the end of the game we meet a floating wolf head in the cloud kingdom that refers to himself as “party god”. The creature makes a comment about watching over Finn and Jake all along. The creature also makes a comment about using the power of 1000 party demons. The absence of this character would’ve made me feel a lot better about the game.

Questionable Content Verdict:

Adventure Time honestly let me down in this area. A majority of the way through the game I was excited for the high content score I was looking forward to giving it. In the last act it blew it by adding some completely unnecessary spiritual nonsense and a bizarre sexual comment.

In the content category I give Adventure Time a7/10 Some Major Red Flags


Gameplay Review


I’m going to be completely honest. 95% of the reason I bought this game was because the gameplay looked stunningly similar to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Zelda 2 is a bit of a black sheep in the Zelda series. Many fans dislike the game due to it’s huge departure from the formula that most Zelda games use. Some fans, like myself, thought that Zelda 2 was an absolute blast to play. Despite it’s different style, Zelda 2 was still great.

Like Zelda, Adventure Time features a mix between an overworld map and sidescrolling segments. Upon encountering an enemy on the world map a (mathematically retro) sound effect will play, and you’ll enter a sidescrolling action sequence. This also happens in caves, villages, temples, castles, etc. As you play the game you will collect power-ups that give Finn and Jake a variety of abilities that are used to reach new areas.

Two big things keep this game from being the Zelda 2 sequel that fans desire.  The difficulty and the level up system. Adventure Time is easy. It will likely take you between 3-5 sit downs to complete the entire game. I salute the game for letting you feel accomplished after just a few minutes of playing (making it great as a portable game), but sometimes it is ridiculous. The game starts off at a good difficulty (you have low health and no weapon), but as soon as you get your sword most of the game becomes a piece of cake. Temples will likely only take about fifteen minutes to complete (on average), and the majority of the time you’ll spend will likely be traversing the world map while trying to figure out where to go next. Apart from a couple bosses that made me sweat a little, the game is nowhere near as difficult as Zelda 2. With all of that said, there is a new game plus mode that increases the difficulty and adds some hours of gameplay. New game plus just isn’t the same as having a longer storyline in the first place though.

The most surprising thing in the gameplay is the level up system. Defeating enemies doesn’t give you anything but items. All of the leveling up you do is from finding pre-designated treasure chests with “wizards stars” in them. This formula works decently, but it just isn’t the same as defeating hordes of enemies in order to get stronger. Adventure Time puts such an emphasis on “punching monsters” but doesn’t properly reward you for actually doing it. I found that this choice  encourages you to just run through while jumping over enemies, instead of fighting.

I understand that the easier gameplay allows the game to be child friendly, but other children’s sidescrollers (Rayman Origins particularly) have all done a better job of being “easy enough” for kids, while still remaining challenging for more seasoned gamers. The fact that Adventure Time incorporates RPG elements would imply a higher difficulty, but it’s the opposite.

Beyond those downfalls Adventure Time is a fun game. It mixes exploration, adventure, side-scrolling, and RPG features to make a short game that never feels too repetitive. It’s great for on the go spurts of gaming. In 15-20 minutes you can accomplish a lot, making it ideal for “work break” gaming.


The storyline stays true to the style of the TV show. It remains comical throughout, and deliberately has no real deepness to it. The entire premise of the game is to get your trash back from the Ice King. As the Ice Kings motives unfold things get pretty funny. If you are a fan of the TV show’s unique ironic humor, you will probably enjoy the game’s story a lot.

The game almost serves as a highlight reel for the first season of the show. It carefully blends together characters, plots, and locations from the Land of Ooo. Fans of the show will constantly be rewarded with “oh hey! I remember this guy!” moments.


The game looks exactly how it should look. It holds true to the show, but adds a hint of retro gaming to the mix. The 3D features look surprisingly amazing. It does a good job of adding depth to the landscapes without being overwhelming. Things like subtle clouds floating above the overworld add a lot to the experience.

Bright colors, smooth sprites, and intelligent use of 3D make this game look just like what you’ve seen on TV.


I included audio as a category in this review because it is actually one of the games shining aspects. The music is great. The sound effects are reminiscent of oldschool Nintendo (especially the enemy encounter sound). The lack of voice work is disappointing (especially in a game based off of a cartoon that heavily relies on great voice acting), but beyond that it sounds awesome.

Gameplay Verdict:

The biggest downfall of Adventure Time is how easy and short it is. If you are okay with buying a game that is a lot of fun, but will likely last you less than a week (or maybe even a day for serious gamers) then it may be worth it. I would recommend this game to hardcore Adventure Time fans more than Zelda 2 fans (it’s just not challenging enough).

In the gameplay category I give Adventure Time a 7/10 Just Shy of Being Truly “Mathematical!” 


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