Why You May Be Feeling Unhappy – Feeling That Life Is Pointless

Do you wonder if life is pointless sometimes? Do you feel a nagging unhappiness in your life? Here are some thoughts on how to find happiness, joy, and purpose. The … Continue Reading →


5 Real Life Splatoon Strategies

Splatoon is basically the best.  As I have spent WAY too much time playing it, I came up with some pro strats to be reminded of! Remember Your Weapons Strengths Remember … Continue Reading →


How to Become a Jedi Next Year

Last Christmas I received a very important gift for Christmas. This gift helped to unlock a hidden power in me, and that same power is in you. The gift was a small … Continue Reading →

Coopified thumbnail 1

We Decided to Find a Way to Play Mario 64 as a Team – Mario 64 CO-OPIFIED

  Hey guys! This post is going to be a little different than usual, but I think some of you might appreciate it. For those of you who don’t know, … Continue Reading →

Show anxiety who's boss

How to Stop Worrying and Quit Having Anxiety Attacks – Overcome Being Anxious

If the video doesn’t show up in your browser, click here to view it on YouTube! In this video we discuss how to stop having anxiety and quit worrying. If … Continue Reading →

Secret Bible

The Less Obvious Commands In the Bible

Some of God’s commandments are obvious to us. It is clear that we shouldn’t kill someone or rob a bank. Those sins are on the surface, and the consequences for … Continue Reading →

What Does The Bible Say About Anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety – What Does the Bible Say About Anxiety and Worrying?

A long time ago in a Gamerfaith post far away, the Mario Bros learned how to help Luigi overcome his worry problem. As some of you may know, I sometimes struggle with … Continue Reading →

is porn bad

Why is Porn and Masturbation Bad or Wrong? Why Should I Quit?

Follow this link if the video doesn’t show up in a mobile browser. If you would like to install protection against pornographic material, you can get a discount on an … Continue Reading →


How To Stop Looking at Porn and Quit Masturbating – Quitting a Lust Addiction

How to stop looking at porn and quit masturbating. If you have a lust addiction find out how to quit. God can break the chains of your sin and addiction. … Continue Reading →

Hobbit Trilogy

5 Amazing Lessons We Can Learn From the Hobbit Trilogy

Hey guys and gals! My brother in Christ Craig wrote this awesome article about the Hobbit Trilogy a while back. I thought you guys would love it, so here it … Continue Reading →

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